1. Words of advice.

    Always, always bring bug spray on holiday. My body feels like a war zone.


  2. Drake has a new song called “5AM in Toronto”

    I haven’t heard it yet, but unless it’s about sleep or McDonald’s breakfast, I’m gonna say it’s pretty false. Nothing is open.

    Also the video is of some sort of indoor black-light beach volleyball game. Yup, that sounds right.

  3. Fashion Photos of Animals Dressed as People - Yago Partal

    Clearly, raccoons are the Scott Schumans of the Woodlands.

    via: http://www.swiss-miss.com

  4. Jose Calderon April Fools Himself

    It is so hard not to love this man. Too adorable.


  5. Aaron Eckhart. I like you. Please choose better projects. That is all.


  6. They are the worst. THE WORST.


  7. "I suspect vegetarianism… I want to vomit with terror"
    — Anthony Bourdain

  8. Teaching is an art.

    It needs to stop being some people’s fall back plan. Not everyone can do it and it’s really frustrating when everyone thinks that they can. You may have been very successful in your previous career but those skills haven’t really translated here… Lecturing for 15 minutes for the entire course doesn’t count. It also doesn’t help when you only talk to one student the entire time.

  9. Mickael Pietrus of the Raptors Photobomb Dance

    Toronto just breeds weirdos. First Chris Bosh, now Mickael Pietrus. Love it.

  10. Watching the Layover episode of Toronto may have been a mistake last night because it got me a little homesick. Don’t get me wrong, Paris is amazing. I mean it’s Paris! But at the same time, I miss being in my city*. Anyway, after missing good ol’ Hog Town, I decided to skype my family and dogs and realized that my Dad recently spent the night in Kensington Market. He apparently had a fun little chat with the owner of Thirsty and Miserable about the bar and neighbourhood… Hold on, when did my Dad become so much cooler than me?

    *Full disclosure: I’m from Mississauga (a suburb of Toronto) but I spend enough time in Toronto to fully appreciate all that it has to offer. Also, I can shit on the hell hole that can be Mississauga, but if you do, prepare for a verbal lashing. Two words: Hazel McCallion.